FIFA Points Compensation

Has anyone here been compensated for late Fifa point arrival last Monday? People on Xbox got 4600 points plus 2 untradeable ultimate packs. EA Help said it is Sony who will be the ones to compensate us.


  • Moy
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    My pal got his compo this morning, said he got a couple of ultimate packs with it
  • Still haven’t received mine :neutral:
  • Im on Xbox and I got nothing!!!

    I had to spend time on EA help just to get my points added... Then when I requested compensation.. the agent said

    "We have some policies and protocols we are bounded with them . We can not breach them Brandon we haven't been given permissions to grant the compensation ."


    "You see, many players felt that such compensation gave some players an undue advantage in the game, and requested EA to stop. Your feedback may just help us bring it back!"

    What BS is that!!! You pay money, dont recieve your goods, and when you want to be compensated, then "people think its unfair" well I think its unfair, that I had to use coins to open packs, and others their points
  • I still haven’t receveid the points I purchased on 23/11.
  • i received 500 points and an ultimate pack
  • Well I just spoke ot a agent now, and APPARENTLY the already compensated all people that was affected by Black friday issues??? Anyway, the way it seems to me, is the more money you spend on the game, the more likely hood you have of being compensated should an issue occur
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