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Playing a game is impossible now regardless of high how stamina is every player is almost below half their stamina at the end of the first half. I have played fifa for years and never had 85+ stamina players exhausted and having to be subbed off unless I wanted to or because of injury. This just changed since the last patch and I have tried playing different styles and formations to try and see if that would change the fatigue rates but regardless of what I try players who should not be exhausted are and players who should be exhausted are not. Seems like this is just another poor effort to make the game more interesting but instead makes it unplayable. I would appreciate the normalization of stamina as it has been in every other fifa game as now I don't think I will play fifa 19. just in case anyone is wondering been playing with Chelsea, no way that N'golo Kante should be dead tired after 60 minutes that man can run all day every day. FIX THIS EA ASAP!


  • Yes EA has to fix this asap because you cant even win a game in carrer mode if playes are literally dead before half time , that’s ridiculous really . FIX IMMEDIATELY !
  • Came to the forums to see if more people had this problem. Its really annoying, players are useless after the 75th minute...
  • ThomasHK1979
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    Worst FIFA game ever. Your player can have 99 in every stat, but if his stamina is below 90 he is useless. Half my team is exhausted at half time. And I’m not even using high pressure. Have the EA team ever seen a Bundesliga match.? It’s full speed and high pressure for 90 min.
  • Ea sports the last update and the changes with stamina really ruins the game ,fix this please otherwise the game will be a crap
  • jshel
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    Yes, this is crazy. Why did they even mess with this at all? I literally stopped playing Fifa because I cannot get through a whole game without half my team pulling hamstrings. So dumb. Please fix right away!
  • ThomasHK1979
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    Did EA see Arsenal Yesterday? They played ultra pressing and high speed for 90 minutes. Wake up EA. This game is unplayable right now!
  • I fully agree. Let's face it, if it isn't FUT, EA can't be bothered. In my Real Madrid CM, both Neymar and Bale are nearly done by the end of the first 45. Kroos can't even make it through 45 at this point.

    Is EA purposely trying to annoy us at this point? Don't even get me started on giving Rugani a real face only to screw it up overnight. I love their lame excuse for that one.
  • Fail to understand this as this is not happening to me at all. I find that my stamina is effected by several things. First, how I have my custom tactics set. Then it is also effected by how I use attacking levels within the game. Yes the stamina goes down a lot more BUT not like some here are saying... not sure how we could be playing same game with different results. I find that I now have to use my attacking levels more strategically, which is a plus for me.

    Some advice. Change your custom team tatics and when you're in a match manage your attacking levels. (On the PS4 those are mapped to the D pad.) Bottom line is, they have punished you guys who just play ultra high lines and use on "all out attack" for 90 minutes.
  • L4r14m
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    Yeah, I, for one, have only had some challenge with stamina when playing a team with intense pressing tactics. Even the it was manageable, although of course not great for low stamina players.

    So I would not welcome changes in how taxing the game is for the players. Otherwise it becomes too easy to have players run for 90 minutes without needing to take stamina into account in decisions regarding the composition of the bench, etc.
  • Has EA replied to this thread? I'm guessing not. I'm looking to find out why EA has placed only 1 stamina increase training session in career mode, and its a bronze training session to add. Making training stamina near impossible task to see any improvement. Would EA patch FIFA19 to fix this. As some one in EA FIFA has clearly overlooked this issue.
  • Change the gameplay speed in settings from fast to normal or stamina goes back to normal
  • CM with Nottingham Forest, currently on Pro level. 4-1-2-1-2 wide team sheets (main and reserves).
    Gameplay speed - normal.
    Defence - Pressure on heavy touch
    Never in high pressure, it's not needed and it's draining.
    Attack - Fast Build up.
    Fatigue becomes evident on CAM, RM and LM after 60th minute, so I go on and change them usually in 70th minute.
    As there are matches every 3-4 days, I am using the reserves squad frequently, more often in easier games, to give the first team some rest.
  • That_Guy44
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    I've made 2 different squads that play to give my starters a break before big games. I was fine with this until I realised the computer squads are NEVER tired before a match. Their starting squads always start with 100% stamina whereas my starters need 3-4 days to fully get theirs back. That's impossible and unfair for me since I'm in the premier league with the many different cup matches.
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