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Boateng Sbc

347 posts Sunday League Hero
What’s your opinions on him. Card looks really solid. Stamina 75 though :-/
Worth the coins?


  • RebelRob
    5990 posts Big Money Move
    Looks a load of ❤️❤️❤️❤️ to me
  • Navraat
    3668 posts National Call-Up
    maymanpele wrote: »
    Worth the coins if you hate having coins

  • Daveofwales01
    8395 posts League Winner
    Looks decent for a 40-50k player but he's not that cheap
  • Antparry92
    18951 posts World Class
    If he had 2 more defending people would be raving about him because he’d have 80+ on all stats and part of the ‘Gullit gang’
  • tilen11
    5883 posts Big Money Move
    Honestly dont know where they found Prince Boateng :joy:
  • Bilbao_Baggins
    3976 posts National Call-Up
    Shocking card for the requirements. Rather have Savic in my team
  • schmo
    299 posts Sunday League Hero
    Got him, had pretty much everything in my club to get him. Hopefully he's decent.
  • Asht1981
    1050 posts Professional
    Did him coz he fits my seria a midfield 3 of Naga savic n him 2 games in n he can't shoot but rest of game is solid
  • McRaven
    5398 posts Big Money Move
    I did him for nostalgia. He's been pretty good in the games I've played. He's gassed between 70-80th minute though so if he's most of your coins I wouldn't do him.
  • Krisp77
    347 posts Sunday League Hero
    Thanks guys. He’s gonna cost about 100k plus a few players I have spare. Gonna give him a go
  • Edu
    6846 posts Big Money Move
    Another milan player
  • Krisp77
    347 posts Sunday League Hero
    I’ve done him, reckon he cost about
    180k in total.
    I’ll post what I get in my packs shortly, expect a load of crap
  • TakeItSlow
    8726 posts League Winner
    Been using him in the WL and he’s great, powerful, clunky but very powerful in midfield, great addition to the Milan 2011 team as well with Pato and Dinho.
  • Andy99TradeZ
    15245 posts World Class
    Looks meh
  • Snadeau
    1249 posts Professional
    4* 4* and 6’1”? I’m tempted but he’s like 160k
  • Krisp77
    347 posts Sunday League Hero
    Can’t use him till tomorrow. I’ll write a quick review after. He won’t be worth the coins I’d imagine as RTTF hamsik was that price last week but I like the look of him
  • Krisp77
    347 posts Sunday League Hero
    If anyone is interested this is the cheapest way I found
    If werder keeper
    Kimmich sule Naldo telles
    Paulinho kheidera
    Payet fekir ribery
  • McRaven
    5398 posts Big Money Move
    My thoughts after six games. He's very good so far. His passing is noticeably great. He's a very attacking CM and seems to be in the right place at the right time. As far as defending goes he's solid there, though no Petit or Nainggolan. His stamina also lets him down if you go box to box too much.
  • xFATAL
    5009 posts Big Money Move
    He's a pretty Solid Attacking CM scored a few nice longshots with him already.
  • AjaxLegends
    3252 posts National Call-Up
    High/mid workrate, bad marking, 75 stamina for 160K. Just buy Nainggolan, way better CM and easier to link.
  • Krisp77
    347 posts Sunday League Hero
    High/mid workrate, bad marking, 75 stamina for 160K. Just buy Nainggolan, way better CM and easier to link.
    Nainggolan is a bit too obvious for me
  • Pauldejong6
    7389 posts Big Money Move
    edited December 2018
    Drainage of coins into an untradeable box to box midfielder with 75 stamina. No thanks.
  • jpsblue
    4687 posts National Call-Up
    i loved collecting sbc cards in fifa 18 but so far the only flashback ive done is juanfran, who i don't regret one bit. boateng looks nice but i already have a few good CM super subs. will keep waiting until some better ones come out so i don't waste coins/high rated untradables on these sorts of cards
  • WFCBagnall
    75747 posts Moderator
    When I saw the sbc, I thought it was Jerome. Was very disappointed.
  • Whoman
    5981 posts Big Money Move
    Using him only as a sub right now, will get some usage in a hybrid with some Serie A players eventually as i also have the Sergej EL card (currently using a Brasil/BPL hybrid as 2nd team). In the half dozen games i played he felt pretty smooth on the ball but can also bully people of the ball and is a nice target in the Box as well, actually scored a header from a corner and one from open play already. Passing is great.

    I do pretty much every SBC nowadays if it has the remote chance of being 'linkable' with future cards that interest me (so far Serie A IFs have been a let down), playing this game to have some fun und not play the same 11 cards for weeks on end exclusively.

    Not a card you should get if you are short on coins i think. But if you are consistently trading, why not ? At a certain point, having 100k more or less doesn't really matter considering the insane prices of the Elite players and the amount of 'cheap' competitive alternatives. So if you are in that in-between area in terms of coinage and team quality, i really don't see why people keep entering these threads like it is the craziest thing to spend coins on a player for the fun of using him.

  • jmaurizio
    504 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Anybody used him as a wide CAM?
  • Tsarov
    5028 posts Big Money Move
    jmaurizio wrote: »
    Anybody used him as a wide CAM?

    No. I am not even completing his SBC. But why do you even consider sth like this? You have Dybala, Mertens and Gomez in Serie A. Every single of them can play as a wide CAM and will be much better there than Boateng.
  • iD33J91
    5763 posts Big Money Move
    WFCBagnall wrote: »
    When I saw the sbc, I thought it was Jerome. Was very disappointed.

    Same. Would’ve bitten EA’s hand off for a J Boat
  • Dsteve007
    451 posts Sunday League Hero
    Any thoughts on best chem style for him?
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