Division three mental block

Cadey 5
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Any advice from any D3 or higher players? it's just mentally tiring for me to play in this division last time I got into it I got smacked up and went straight back to D4 just got there again and first team I face is this:

Now I know team is't everything but when you are playing someone supposedly on a similar level it matters at least in my view. I somehow won 2-1 but I feel mentally tired, I don't want to play another game, I was 2-1 up going into the last 20 and on comes Bale IF Mbappe and Rues of the bench I simply don't have that power and Mbappe tore me apart with his runs in the last 20.

I had more possesion better passing and more shots at HT but I just did't feel safe, he was putting CR7 through on goal with goal kicks from DDG!


This is my side:


Do I just accept D4 is my max level? I feel like i can hold my own but it takes every bit of concentration i have whereas it feels like they don't need to even think about what is happening.

Don't know if I am making any sense and I don't want it to come across as a P2W bashing just looking for some advice to play at this level against these teams.


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