PC - Coop partner needs (Decent players only)

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Hello my friends,

I am new to FIFA 19 but not so new on FIFA. Been playing the game since FIFA 14 and always a big fan of coop.

Please add me up on Origin and lets see if we are fit to play together.

I was a DIV 1 coop with another 6 friends so I am hoping to get there as well with new friends.

I am a team player, I always try to guarantee a goal instead of risking it. Fast passes, possession, long balls, first touch, you name it. I can adjust easily.
I play any team and have no right or wrong team or tactics.

I hope to see you there soon and let's have some fun together (hopefully)

My Origin name is : DLeoFC

Take care


  • lemos09
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    Forgot to add this

    Platform (eg PC/XBOX 360/XBOX One/PS3/PS4): PC
    Country: USA (Most of my friends are from Europe and we have no delay or bad ping)
    Time available:Any time I'm available, if I am online... then I AM ONLINE! :)
    Team rating/preferred teams:Any 4-5 stars
    Play style (eg direct/quick passing/skiller/slow build-up): any tactics that works best, I can adapt easily.
  • Add me bobiskind
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