Who's your current MVP and your next big target?


  • Macca77
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    My MVP is prime Rio. Regarding targets I’m clueless who to buy. I have just over 2 mill in the bank and I have no idea who to buy. Been thinking about prime hierro tbh to partner Rio at the back
  • Paulopudasso
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    Mvp Griezmann most wanted Messi
  • WarrenBarton
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    RayS wrote: »
    Not sure tbh, got a front 3 of UCL live Aguero, UCL live Griez and prime Bergkamp.
    They are all pretty good tbh but Aguero is currently on 8 chem so I’m thinking Prime Veron next maybe

    Is Bergkamp good? I have a buddy who’s new to FUT and he really wants to get Bergkamp as a gooner

    @RayS Bergkamp has exceptional shooting with both feet. Movement is decent enough but I play him Cam and he’s drained by the 70th minute.
    Not tried him striker yet, only had him since Saturday
  • RayS
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    Professor wrote: »
    Mvp's is either Neymar or Kante.

    Next big purchase is someone to replace Kondogbia at cdm next to Kante but he is too damm good for me

    Yeah, every time i face Kondogbia he causes me problems. Just think if he gets an IF!
  • RayS
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    Love to see all the Community active here! I've listed everyone's choices in the OP. Feel free to update here when your MVP changes or you've achieved your targets. I'll update the OP :)
  • Rich
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    MVP potm reus
    Next target 86 Ballack
  • CharlieC
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    Probably has to be Aguero but FB Sturridge is growing on me more and more!

    My ultimate player is prime Socrates.
  • lastfifa
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    MVP potm Hazard
    Next target prime Lampard.

    Will build main team around chelsea players from present and the past. Zola just arrived to the club so next is Frankie.
  • RayS
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    STaLLiOnO wrote: »
    My MvP is, C. Ronaldo..

    My next player will be Neymar, Ramos then Vierra

    Ronaldo really must be the best. Too bad he’s still like 2 mil lol
  • RayS
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    Current MVP is Prime Bergkamp.

    Next target is Prime Henry.

    Recreate the Invincibles :)
  • RayS
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    Fccheek wrote: »
    prime ronaldiho got him before black friday for 3.1 on xbox before his price exploded but hes too good to sell best card ive used by far. Want to buy back middle or prime scholes to feed dinho long balls

    Nice! Think you’ll keep dinho all year?
  • RayS
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    edited November 2018
    Grantee wrote: »
    Tots Vardy

    You are one hopeful person
  • RayS
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    The saving up for Prime Stevie G began yesterday. Coins only now from Division rewards, stepping up the trading, and cutting out the gold upgrades.

    Those gold upgrades are pretty addicting huh? I’ve wastef so many coins on them so far lol
  • johnlaker62
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    MVP: IF Kane

    Next purchase: Pogba
  • Smiley_Utd
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    my most valuable two are Prime Rio & prime Eusabio, next big purchase will be CR7 once prices chill out abit
  • RayS
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    Gilly04 wrote: »
    Cruyff 89 is incredible
    Next is best hopefully as a united fan he s the dream

    Cruyff and Best!
  • RayS
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    Jameso90 wrote: »
    Scream Fellaini as ST with Deadeye 😂 Carnage!

    Lol esp with that pace boost, he’s basically the best striker in the Prem ;)
  • RayS
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    Yosef1607 wrote: »
    Next step is an icon

    Did u have Pogba last year? Any comparison between the two? I think I’ll get him eventually
  • RayS
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    Ejne wrote: »
    Prime zola maybe another icon

    Haven’t heard much about Zola yet! He that good?
  • RayS
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    040HH wrote: »
    IF Mbappe and Pogba

    French connection :)
  • Hazzard
    95 posts Park Captain
    MVP: POTM Hazard
    next target : Kante
  • RayS
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    Macca77 wrote: »
    RayS wrote: »
    mdizzl3 wrote: »
    What about you @RayS ?

    MVP Nakata by a mile
    Next target: Prime Keane o:)

    What’s nakata like? Better than prime okocha ?

    @Macca77 Nakata is my fav player by far all year. I had Prime Okocha most of last year. Obviously you can’t compare exactly between iterations of FIFA, but I feel they felt very similar. Big difference of course was thr 5* skills from Okocha. I feel Nakata is a little bit better at winning the ball back when needed.

    Either way, you can’t go wrong either way :)
  • RayS
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    MVP at moment is Flashback Chica for me, he just scores for fun.

    Next big target is Kante or an Icon CDM (either Keane, Viera or Makelele)

    That Flashback Chicharito was tempting. Always like him when he was at United. Maybe I missed out :(
  • RayS
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    edited November 2018
    lefab10 wrote: »
    Lewandowski MVP

    Next target: definitely Ney Ney

    Gonna hybrid Neymar in with Lewa?
  • RayS
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    Stkyfngz wrote: »
    MVP Prime Henry

    Next target Mid tier R9

    Henry as good as he was last year?
  • RayS
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    Crysister wrote: »
    LORENZO Insigne's brother, ROBERTO

  • RayS
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    THORPT wrote: »
    My MVP is Scream Dost no doubt.

    Got no one in mind as a next target

    that Scream Dost does look beastly!
  • RayS
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    Mafo wrote: »
    MVP: NIF Douglas Costa
    Next target: Fabinho

    I’m poor..

    those are still top quality NIFs :) no shame in that. Fabinho still looks to be the best Prem CDM besides Kante
  • RayS
    32668 posts World Cup Winner
    MVP was Suarez, now sold

    Building my team around POTM Reus and looking to add Prime Dinho to my squad when his SBC drops

    when will his SBC be though!! guess we may see today?
  • RayS
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    RebelRob wrote: »
    MVP is if king.

    Next real target is r96, but prime best is going to be bought as well at some point, most likely after r96 sbc when I know if got enough for both.

    wow really? IF King intruiged me, but he didn't really fit my team at the time.
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