Any1 tried IF Matip?

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He's the only one who can get me full chem in my insane team at the moment... until i can afford vvd instead.
But is IF Matip any good?

pros / cons?


  • RayS
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    He has been very solid for me. Only thing I would say is that he probably needs a pacier CB pairing bc he’s a bit slow, even with Shadow. That being said, he’s a fantastic defender overall all and a physical dominator with his height and strength.

    -strong and tall (6’5”)
    -good tackling
    -wins most headers

    -a bit slow, but as long as he’s paired with a pacier partner, this has been a non issue
  • Dayoff
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    Been brilliant for me. So reliable. Always In the right place and gets his fair share of goals from corners.
  • czcash
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    will have to play him alongside david luiz for now... but ill add on a little shadow then, just to be sure
  • czcash
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    thanks by the way :smile:
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