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So I am thinking about upgrading my CDM from prime Gattuso to 88 Desailly (who was my favorite CDM last year). Doing so, however, would mean I would have to change my LB and CB away from Sandro and Chiellini. The options that I am considering are:

Alba + Umtiti
Alba + Ramos
Marcelo + Ramos
Marcelo + Varane

I can't do Alba and Varane because of chem. Any suggestions? I know everyone's big on Ramos but his WRs have always concerned me, and I also feel like Varane has got to be overpriced, no? Hence I am leaning toward the first option, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, the other CB is IF Bailly. Thanks!


  • hennerz
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    I personally haven’t used Marcelo packed Alba right at the start untradable. However Ramos is a step above verane. Always in the right spot. Seems to score a lot more from corners for me as well.
  • Theprogamerjay
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    Marcelo is soooooo good, also using both Varane and Ramos. Only used him for about 10 games tho but hee seems solid. Varane is great too so i suggest going with Marcelo+ Varane/Ramos
  • TurdFerguson
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    Cheers boys thanks for the replies. Anyone else with a thought?
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