$1.6 mill (Best upgrades) *discuss

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So after packing base Kluivert last night sold a few others and targeting some upgrades. Like to sneak some Icons in and enjoyed 87 Zola. Backline is pretty solid and untradeable (Bayern centre) so looking to spend up in Attack and Mid. Walker is right back and again untradeable. Also have untreadeable Cavani and Modric.. but hoping some input might save me wasting coins and tax switching! currently running Nain CM, Mertens and Perisic on the left side.

LB: Sandro or Marcelo (will need strong link) to mid (so maybe Casemiro, Modric or Dybala/ Allen)
Higher end options likely to be switched in a 4231: Best 88 RW, Nedved 89 LW, Zola 85/87 CAM, Rivaldo *weak foot off putting, ADP 87/90 (used him all last year though), 88 Veron or 86 Ballack CM, De Bruyne over Pogba CM (for link)

Trying to steer clear of Neymar and Mbappe as inflated currently...apart from the high end Icons not too many look that special over high rated golds noted above

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