What do you do when you are on a horrendous run

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I’ve won one in 20 games and on a horrendous run. It was my first weekend league. I won 6 out of my first ten it should have been 9/10 as I blew. I lost 2 on the bounce and wouldn’t have time to finish many more games so stopped and went on rivals. I’m now on a horrendous run of won win in 20. I’m division 5 and have now dropped 1500 skill points. I lose all the time to better players but I never really get hammered now I’m either gone to rubbish or I’m playing some really good players because I’m getting hammered by 5 even 7 goals.

What do you guys do when on a bad run. Change formation and tactics, new team or just ride it out.

I’ve played pack only all year but think it’s really starting to hinder me now. I’ve got 400k to spend and really tempted to buy players or save for a baby icon


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