Any reviews on Prime Gattuso?

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Looking to play him CDM in a 41212(2), how is he? My main concern is his height, but any thoughts are appreciated.


  • Tennster10
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    He’s a beast i tell you! First i used his 85. Sold for some profit. Went on the buy prime kean. Lost 5 in a role and my team were just not the same. Sold kean and pick up fresh prime Gattuso. My team was back.
    He carry me to G2 from G3. Just by conceding less.
    He always sit back a little which you want in a cdm.
    What i notice most about him is if he make a tackle he will aways come away with the ball.
    Hard to push off the ball as well. He have really good balance for some reason.
    Good passing as well.
    Just dont shoot with him.
    I have him pair with mid veron. In 4411 4231 4141
    Best bang for the bucks.
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