Clearly not my day today....

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So some context of how I was controlling players for the goals conceded.

1st goal 47th min, I track Ronaldo whilst controlling Kimpembe, he does a soft header, it won't let me change to Thiago Silva so instead it bounces off his head and Buffon makes a complete meal of it and palms it in :D

2nd goal 105th min, I'm marking Ronaldo with Kimpembe, he backs me into Buffon so Kimpembe falls over and then when Buffon tries to position himself for the shot he trips over Kimpembe and ends up off the pitch giving him an open goal.

Anyway is that just terrible luck on my side or do you guys think I could have done something differently? Either way it was annoying yet amusing and I didn't really deserve to win anyway but still was mad to see :D


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