If youre tempted to buy fifa points, then play a game first.

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So so so sick of this game now, you can try any team, formation, any tactic. They'll play fine for a couple of games and then trash the next.

How do you even measure skill in this game anymore? Its just all about the AI, if you've not got the sliders in your favour, you don't win.

Makes this game absolutely pointless. Why play, trade or spend even? Grinding for hours to achieve nothing. You could build a 50k team on release, and they'll play as good as any end game team if the AI makes them.

Got to 4m coins, without spending on points, but where is there even go from here?

As long as every one keeps feeding EA, the game will never change. No in fact its gets worse.


  • CharlieC
    7433 posts League Winner
    Exactly why I won’t spend anything this weekend. WL gameplay is as bad as I’ve known it. Just not enjoyable at all and hasn’t been for quite some time.
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