OTW Cancelo OR UCL Florenzi?

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I'm looking to buy one for my team, it's for the long term and I'm unsure which to go for. I've been using the gold Cancelo currently and he's performed quite well but his stamina is dreadful.

Florenzi looks a really good card and due a upgrade soon. Both in the same price bracket, has anyone used both and who do you prefer? Cheers.


  • I bought florenzi the other day and I love him. Had used nif cancel for over 200 games but definitely prefer florenzi
  • dan_roma
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    I used gold cancelo for a while and recently upgrade to UCL Live Florenzi. I've been really enjoying him so far. Great offensively and solid defensively. It's almost guaranteed that after the group stage he will be an 86 rater card :)
    On the other hand otw cancelo may end up not getting any more informs.
    My advice is to go with Florenzi ;)
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