Missed this game so much! <3<3<3

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Had a week pause (who cares?). You just have to start these cool stories something like this. Like saying last goodbye this game or something deep emotional s...

Yesterday played 3 rivals and concended 2 penalties in every game. Didnt lose any of those, but Benatias feets just where everywhere.

Today played 3 rivals and in every game when I was attacking to right side, my players didnt response to anything. I lost every half then. Couldnt pass or switch players jada jada. "Played fifa since ...... and I was division blaah player in previous fifas." The regular sh#t you know.

But when I was attacking to left side, I won every half and there was no delay problems. Was losing 0-2 and when I managed to score 3 goals in few minutes, got the ragequit. And again my ego grow few inches bigger.

Now Im just chilling and fut tells me: "An error occured downloading the FUT Squad Update. Please try again.".

But I wont, because this game is like my cool story.
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