Cheat or Unlucky Glitch

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I was winning 2 - 1

86th min opponent pauses

Game finished then screen froze with players on the pitch

I lose connection to EA servers and lose the game

seems suspect to me


  • jonas2173
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    50/50. impossible to know. might be unlucky
  • salvadordali1
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    your router have 24h lapses and every day at same time you will lose connection for a fraction of a second. Check when you router have "zero hour" or just restart it before you go to the bed and mark time so you know when your router will refresh itself.
  • rajudas
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    I think with no loss glitch you won't get disconnected from servers, it takes to the ultimate team main menu not outside of ultimate team, I faced one such earlier this year, but the game has been really crap lately, have received like more than 10 DC over the last week, even when I'm losing it doesn't deducts my skills ratings though, just gives me points for a loss, and I don't get disconnected from servers either, looks like a connection issue from your side.
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