Anyone else thing Icons are too expensive

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Obviously, you don't want them too cheap but I think 500,000 coins should be enough to get one Icon. Maybe Ea should think about having 84 rated Icons placed at a lower premium for regular people who play this game?


  • QuinnUK87
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    It doesn't matter what rating they are... It's the icon sbc's that determine the prices of the lower icons, nothing to donwith how good they are.
  • 88Has
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    Icon price is fluctuated due to baby icons requirements in icon sbc. They were infact around 400k mark some of the icons before the icon sbc was released.
    I wouldn't want 84 rated icons as they would just be awful and that would take the shine of the icons.
    Only way price is dropping is if they stop releasing icon sbcs with baby icon requirements or release baby icon sbc
  • MHoney1234
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    Zanetti was 250k last year, mugs paying close to a mil this year. Crazy
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