• Thanks for the update needed in AI defense. Still waiting for the bug fix on player career mode achievements :/
  • hooligan87
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    - - Why can't we stop the feint before the animation is complete?! Defenders are helpless against feints and dribbling
    - -Why online games the opponent sees the cursor on my player?! He sees what kind of player I play. This also complicates the defense
    - -The whole defense useless all the goalkeepers are useless until avto-shots remain accurate. Players hit with one touch and score a goal. Even if they aim past the gate they score a goal! Because the computer corrects all shots!
  • My thoughts?
    You are working on much more complex things than the worst game breaking bug in your game is - fix the career mode! We cannot loan or sell players as the transfer talks always break down if the player is less than 78 OVR. No matter what we do, even if some club comes asking about a loan and we offer to cover the player's wage, they still somehow cannot reach an agreement. We are waiting for this fix since September (not to mention that you had the same issues in Fifa 18).
  • iConfueZ
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    @EA_Andy this patch only solves 60% of the problems with AI defending. Players can still drop back and select their striker or CM to jocky near the ball whilst the AI follows the player. This is really overpowered against players that use drop back and sit in their own box.

    A solution for this could be that the AI isn't tracking the player close to the ball. This way you force players to manually defend and not to rely on the AI.

    Overall the changes look promising.
  • jonas2173
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    first touches or touches in general now are realy realy bad. something happend when you fixed the ball to travel further after tackles.. when doing skills or controlling a player we strugle hard to keep the ball at oure feet
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    I will never give feedback again.
    EA doesn't pay me to do so, instead I payed for an awful game that it seems I'll never be able to play because, update after update, the game is never ready.

    Me, like many other users, have been giving feedback over the years that is constantly ignored by EA.

    EA shouldn't even need feedback. No one at EA plays its own game??? No one there has eyes to see the evident flaws in the game, some of those flaws persistent over the years?

    This being said, it's the last time I buy this awful game because clearly EA has being fooling everyone with a game that has survived in the market only thanks to marketing and licenses.
    It's a constant scame, a fraud, and FIFA shouldn´t allow EA to use FIFA trademark in a game that is mainly focused on Premier League and on a game mode called Ultimate Team.

    One less buyer for the future.
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    EyeHamJuan wrote: »
    "In order to make the shot blocking of a defender that is being controlled by an AI Teammate less effective, we have reduced the distance that an AI Teammate defender will stretch to block a shot."

    I feel like this will increase the amount of goals though? Do we really need that? I'm already the highest scoring team and pretty much the highest scored team on in the premier league in career mode. Granted I play 9min halves but on slow. Thinking I should go to 8min. I like the 9s though.

    Well, I may have to take that back. I've only been in tight games now since the patch. 2-1, 1-1, 3-1, 0-0, 2-1, 2-1 could be coincidence. Still on 9min halves.
  • Hi @EA_Andy can you let me know when the patch is coming out where sterling can outpace zabaleta and not be caught after being given a head start. Thanks
  • Hey EA, will you ever bother updating the kits for Panathinaikos? It's really annoying to play with the last year's kits. I'm not hoping for an answer though...
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    The Game seems to get harder to score, Shots are miss-hit and defenders have better tackles.

    Constant Pressure is getting low so you have to do substitute , especially we the game extended to extra time.

    The issue which not fixed that referee ends the time during an attack and even the ball is in penalty area. :/

    One more thing is about GK out of the target position before a Free kicks in FUT match,
    it happened to me twice ! :|

    The image explains what I mean (XBOX ONE capture)

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    pc or ps4 is this?
  • zyexis
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    Please update Jadon Sancho's head. At least a haircut.
    I don't understand how a POTM can look so bad. :neutral:

    Edit: James Maddison's too for that matter. How can a premier league team's number 10 not have a face even close to what he looks like?? It's sad, I had to sell him in career mode because of it.
    Edit again: I checked on FUT and saw Maddison has had an update at some point, which like others wasn't added to my career. Its slightly better but it still looks rubbish and generic, so another update please.
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  • wnw181
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    Just update ver 1.05 on PS4. Ryan Sessegnon did not get his real face. Anyone else or just me ?
  • Just got the 1.05 update for the playstation 4 and non of the new starheads or players faces were updated anyone else had that problem or just me?
  • goshko
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    I dont know guys, but on ps4, players first touch is a disaster, the whole game is a trash! On pc ,fifa is different, but i dont know why...... Any suggestions?
  • eladlad
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    Love the patch
  • Dre non-smile
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    I hate the fact that this game is so easy to score fifa doesn't require skill anymore I've been playing fifa since 97 and been buying it since 2000 and if they don't make it require some skills and thinking to play ill just stop buying it and only buy cod every year
  • Updates to a number of team kits, crests and banners....

    No details, just “a number”... lol
  • EA_Andy
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    TJStrong wrote: »
    Updates to a number of team kits, crests and banners....

    No details, just “a number”... lol

    We're putting as much detail as possible in the patch notes but with something like that it would turn the notes in a massive list so probably easier to digest leaving it with one line.
  • EA_Andy
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    goshko wrote: »
    pc or ps4 is this?

    It's out on PS4, XB1 and PC now.
  • EA_Andy wrote: »
    goshko wrote: »
    pc or ps4 is this?

    It's out on PS4, XB1 and PC now.

    Where is the New Faces?!?!??!
  • Hyrooney
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    EA_Andy wrote: »
    goshko wrote: »
    pc or ps4 is this?

    It's out on PS4, XB1 and PC now.

    When the new faces out??? We wanna use new faces to play career mode as soon as possible.
  • goshko
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    i dont see new faces or new gameplay on ps4 offline mode, why is that @EA_ANDY? Is there a difference in gameplay between FUT and offline mode, because i dont have PS plus, and cant try FUT? Please need your answer.
  • jonas2173
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    Look into ball bouncing. when you fixed the ball to travel further after tackles it must have affected the ball controll in genreal. harder to dribble , dribble with skills, pass and shoot misses the target waaaaayyy more often . my neymar cant get past almost anything with perfect timed skillmoves, he misses several shots alone with keeper" dont even hit the goal from inside penalty box" cant recive alot off passes without the ball bounces away from his feet . david silva suddenly has bad passing but cant pressure fabinho and pogba off the ball from behind?

    What happend with the ball this patch? feels like it a bouncing rubber ball
  • My starheads haven’t even updated, so how much else hasnt been done if a few simple heads cant be updated
  • hooligan87
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    EA_Andy wrote: »
    goshko wrote: »
    pc or ps4 is this?

    It's out on PS4, XB1 and PC now.
    This is the biggest problem and your mistake! In this video, I specifically shoot past the gate! But the computer automatically directs the ball into the goal! I even got in a round of target! We don't control the shots, passes. It all depends on the computer! Developers! Explain why when a player to aims past - the ball flies into the goal?! The player must lose the ball, but instead he scores a goal.. Auto-control should only be for friendly matches!

  • One thing after the last update. The stamina was going to be lower in matches when you defend. Now all my players have no stamina left after the game!!! I play career mode, and all the players on the pictures was full retired except one. So dunno, but somethings has gone wrong :neutral:
  • @EA_Andy after every fut match i need to use a squad fitness,because the stamina is down.The new update ruined the game. I hope you guys do something with that
  • SVKslato8
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    Dear devs, latest patch was looking promising on the paper but the reality is disappointing
    So my comments to the patch:
    I play full manual settings since couple of years with all assistance off.


    Stamina visually is lowered but its only visual, I have couple of video examples where fully used stamina players are running faster than my half stamina players so stamina literally means nothing in terms of running speed.
    I spotted that stamina only influence 50/50 battles and ball control precision but not running and tackling


    I spotted that prior the patch auto-defending which worked when you simply run near opponent with your player is not working anymore or is lowered.
    I defend manually couple of years, but after patch the defenders literally just don't take the ball, they just do the tackles or run through the ball and visually it looks like the ball is going through their feet and body so there is something wrong with the patch

    Ball control:

    As full manual player I found version before patch better, now there is less ball control and more free balls after correctly timed tackles and most of the time the free ball bounces to opponent.

    Player switching:

    Switching is awful after patch, I found the before patch switching better, I expected to fix the scenario where ball bounces far from your player and you are unable to switch to different player nearer to the ball but the game doesn't allow this and you stay locked to the player who tried to receive the ball.
    Even the right stick switching is again inaccurate after the patch, before the patch it was perfect.


    Manual passing was pretty good prior the patch, now the accuracy is lowered but the most impact is the strength of the passes, with full manual it takes now more time to execute stronger and longer pass.
    This additional time which is required to fill the passing strength indicator puts all manual players to even more disadvantage.

    AI player behavior:

    AI defenders are still tackling me even the opponent is switched to different player so in these terms I thing the change was not enough.

    Prior the patch the AI players were able to receive the ball and run to free space based on instructions, after the patch the players are behaving strange, running to opponent players, hiding behind them, leaving the ball go through them and running from the ball
    Players don't wait for the ball to receive it, they make a sudden run from the ball and once the ball approaches the player they need to turn or the ball just goes through the player legs.

    Goalkeeper has a glitch where instead of clearing the ball after defender passes him back, he leaves the ball go through his legs to own goal. This happened to me twice yesterday and I have seen multiple videos with the same glitch.

    Ping pong passing is back as well as blind passing which was nerfed couple of patches ago

    Shots that goes visually through defender bodies like they were a ghosts, I get the point of decreasing the blocking but please if the ball goes through defender don't make him a ghost or at least correct the visual.

    Servers for division rivals are unplayable due to delay and lags
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