CSL SBC player choice

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Ended up with most of the players for this without really realising...who is the better choice between Renato or Oscar?

Anybody used either or both?


  • Safehands84
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    I play Oscar cam in 443(4) he’s nothing special really, pretty much decent at everything, good passing, shooting, quick enough, decent pace. He’s good but I rotate between him and standard Mkitaryean and there nothing in it. Oscar is only on 8 chem though so may be better for others on ten. If you are prep for the sbc and like opening packs I’d say go for it. If not one team is a real pain to complete and will cost a lot Heinan I think.
  • GC10
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    I've got a few of the price fixed players already from that team thankfully! That's what I thought looking at the stats. Renato with a decent chem style looks like a really well rounded cm
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