Licitation Scam on web app everyone can lose easy even milion coins its ridicolus.

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Im just victim this scam . First let say this scam is possible only beacouse in web app not work corectly and have 2 errors -if you bidding some card in last 30 secund for example 150k and 1 secund beafore you somone put bids for same card to 755k then web app automatic change prize of you bids to 756k (its small delay with refresh prize .) In same case in Ps4 bids will be not accepted so victim os scam are mainly players bidding on web app.

So how work scam ? very simple coins seller set up example 5 same cards worth in market 200k with prize minimum bid 90k buy now 900k - Next when licitation is close to finish in last 30 secund- bids prize is still low and few customers bidding in same moment with intention to bet example 95k or 96k and suddenly scamer from his seccund account make bet close to maximum and prize for this card licitation go from 90k up to 890k

......... Everything happen in last 30 secund when in same time other players bidding same card and in web app system dont show in time corect prize card due to small delay and if coins seller suddenly boom bids from 90 k up to 850k 1 secund beafore you click in bid button he put bet 900k and you in same time see in web app this card is still avalible for bet - 91k you put bet button and BAMM you just make licitation card for 900k.

You lose all coins and later EA can ban you with accusing of coins selling. You cant defense against this scam if you use web app for licitation and make bids in last 30 secund its always possible you can be victim of this scam.

So if somone use web app for bids its high risk make bids in last 30 secund for cards with small actual bids prize and very high buy now prize - beacouse you cant defense againt this .-some coins seller suddenly 15 secund beafore end accution put bids from 91k up to 810k - and in same time other players bidding on web app have 1 secund delay with refresh prize + system on web app atomatic accept them bids for 810k +1k = done coins stolen .

Im reported this case to EA but im dont belive they put coins back to my account we know is very hard recived compensation from them - But scam is real
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