POTM Sancho a very small review

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So with POTM Sancho being re-released thought I would give me view on the card having used him for my WL games for what it is worth.


Played at LM/LAM


Obviously he has pace to burn and the stamina to match, what he is good at though is running with the ball you can feel he high agility and balance.

5* Skills
I can only do two skills moves but if you are a fan of skills this guy can do it for you and it won't feel clunky because of what i mentioned above.

Short passing
very good for quick one twos down the line can pass the ball inside.

He actually makes decent runs if you have the players to find him he is't one of them players that stand still on the pitch, of course you can trigger runs yourself but it's nice you don't always have to do that.


One of the weakest players I have ever used can get shouldered by the wind his balance and agility can help occasionally but he can lose the ball a lot.

He can't jump
You won't win a 50/50 with him he is't one of them players like say Josh King who should't win the header but somehow does keep it on the ground.

Some tidy finishes but in that pressure situation you don't really want it falling to his feet.

I don't cross much so can't comment on that overall his return was pretty standard to what my LAM would normally get in the 4231.

Overall if you are big on the Bundesliga this year or have a England team you are slowly building and you can pick him up from 20-30k I would say he is worth it anything above that you are better off stretching to that 50k to get Bellerabi or Sterling for the England team.



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