Best cdm next to IF Busquets BBVA?

l OwNz l
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Any tips? Busquets is a beast imo, khedira just keeps on booming up the pitch.

Looking at two "real" cdm's or a combo of a cdm and a playmaker.

Any good results with Kroos for instance?


  • Gladiaattori1500
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    I don't know really but I just wanted to say that Busquets is amazing. That is all.
  • CFC-shazaam
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    perez is insane and his finesse shots are so good.
  • l OwNz l
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    @Gladiaattori1500 couldn't agree more ;-) not that helpfull though haha
  • l OwNz l
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    @CFC-shazaam nice, got him on the bench atm but will have a look!
  • I play 4231

    Modric + Perez have been amazing. Modric keeps scoring and assisting too.

    Parejo a good alternative to the more technical one.
  • l OwNz l
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    @holdenwait thanks mate!
  • bergundytomato
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    I have used a number of combinations in BBVA midfield, the most successful ones have been:

    (i) Perez - TOTS Tiago (he is brilliant at passing, has 4* skills and can tackle as well)
    (ii) Perez - IF Busquets (I have CR7, Messi, Bale and Suarez so don't need much attacking in the midfield)
    (iii) Khedira - Kroos - Kroos is a solid distributor, very good attacking-wise though he can be caught out defensively on the counter
  • NejvetsiBorec
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    Perez, I played over 200 games with Busquets + Perez and Im gonna finish the year with them together
  • heavymcd
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    I've got Perez in my Premeira Liga team, and yes he is definitely one you need to try. Amazing.
  • TOTS gregorz (the polish beast) from Sevilla, Busquets was my favorite till I tried him out. Guys a monster and has 4 goals in 10 games while my Busquets has that in about 120 games.
  • Agree with Perez, I have him paired with Sergio and they're both rocks. Sergio being the wall of the pair whilst Perez gets in and chases down defenders, pretty hard to concede the usual 'sweat' goals with these two there.
  • l OwNz l
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    Looks like we have a winner in Perez! Thanks all!
  • chrillegbg
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    UP Camacho was amazing for me.
  • james2060
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    Sami Khedira
  • Runefang
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    TOTY Ramos
  • JonBRFC
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    perez is insane and his finesse shots are so good.

    Fantastic player
  • jokeaway
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    i would go with Rakitic MOTM if you have the coins.
    I have him since 2 days ago and he is so clever in offense and defense. just never needs to run.
  • Keepthechange
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    I prefer having a deep laying playmaker next to someone like Busquets, so I would go with either Modric or Kroos. Xavi should be fine there as well.
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