EA what did you actually work on for FIFA 19?

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I try to keep my rant posts to a minimum but this is becoming stupid now lets have a look at what EA did while working on FIFA 19.

Awesome finally a revamped seasons, but.. they screwed up rewards structure to the point people are self relegating to play below there level making it harder for people at that level GG.

dynamic tactics
Awesome a way to skip the 30 second pause at every game but... if you press pause and make changes outside of these pre set tactics be prepared to have a CB play CM a ST at CM and god knows what else because after what 3 patches it's not fixed GG.

Marquee Match Ups
Awesome CL MM new content great but...dramatically reduced pack rewards to the point its not even worth doing them GG

Added the injury time
Great kill the rumours that 90th minutes last half an hour but....I can now see when I concede past that point and don't get me started on the bounce to send him in, in the 105th minute was all my fault I know GG edit: has a clip for this but CBA to GIF it.

AI influence
After two titles of complaints about the level of AI influence they make it even more effective to the point Sane can play a game of duck duck goose around my CBS while the AI tackles you GG

Player picks
Awesome really fun idea, except you are so full of the idea you are forcing it into SBCs it does't need to be in such as ICONS.

The ONE thing people liked last year was no matter how little time you put in you could slowly work towards a ICON over time now you put a 30 day limit on it and over priced every single one thus far GG.

After it being made a public issue by ridiculous attempts to turn this game into a "E-SPORT" you patch KO in 18 only to seemingly revert back to previous ways for 19 GG

Near post corners
A issue for the last two titles made even more over powered in 19 to the point it's been "patched" already GG

Bundesliga POTM
Great hopefully see more variety and less BPL second POTM in release a card in the wrong position take it down after a two hours GG.

Tested in 18 given feedback month one, made it impossible for those who are not part of the hardcore player base to get one of the players who might improve there team, changed for month two after bad feedback but this should't have been needed.

Flashback SBC
Awesome some cards who might not get a special card released once every two weeks on a certain day so we all know when it's out, oh wait, released seemingly at random with a 3 day period to complete GG.

Pack weights
Awesome we can now see how slim are odds actually are and make a decision on how much points to buy but.. probabilities only released for certain packs in minimal detail GG.

All icons released from launch
Awesome if you put the money in you can buy the icon you want from the get go, all over priced because of silly SBC requirements.

Made requirements on "most" sbc players over the job to induced FIFA point purchases and make this arguably the most P2Y ultimate team ever GG.

Account Banning system
After a couple of years of mass accidentally banning of users enough time has passed to work on a new system to detect coins sellers, still banning people for making profit on CL cards legitimately GG.

introduced weekly reds instead of monthly great idea but... took away minimum cap and a icon for T100 players GG.

How is it even possible to be so out of touch with a community.

I am part of the problem i love football and I am 400 games deep already this FIFA playing along with my Scholes RTG but you need to wake up because even the most loyal players will give up on this game soon enough.

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