Problem with passes

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im have now some problem with passes can somone show controller set ups how look you controler set up for the best set ups mayby im have something wrong set up beacouse this game who know why restart my all my personal set ups and now im dont know whats happen its only their bad last upgrade broked all passes or im have something wrong set up in controller settting.

Passes not go to correct person to often speccialy high passes , scroob lob passes , lob trough passes

Previous im check tutorial and everything work perfect now is mess .


  • joehuk
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    The game is broken at the moment. Not sure if it's server delay.

    But I watched every miss placed pass yesterday while playing squad battles which is effected by server delay.

    And every single one of my miss placed passes did not go where the indicator suggested.

    KDB 92 passing my indicator suggested I aimed directly at my player yet the ball went completely off course and landed straight at the computer.
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