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I am writing this post here tonight because I am really sick of the current situation with the teams in the Fifa 19. I have been playing Fifa from FIFA2006 and have never seen such an unfair allocation of skills and boosts to a particular team as in this year’a Fifa 19. I always play for FC Barcelona in “seasons” and almost 2 out of 3 opponents are Juventus FC (probably, this is because everyone understands that Juventus is hacked and unfairly boosted in this game this year and that’s why the choose to play for this club as it gives them more chances to win the game). So I am in the 3rd division at the moment and all I want to say is that JUVENTUS FC IS HACKED AND BOOSTED INTENTIONALLY BY THE PRODUCERS OF THE GAME! It is very unfair to give such a boost to a particular team in the game! It just becomes uninteresting to play such game at all when you know that your players (non juve) will die on the field by the end of the 90mins match, whereas Juve players will continued to run as fresh, to shoot from long distances as the World Legend XX and always score, Ronaldo will score every single corner with his unbelievably boosted header, so that NO ONE CAN GET HIM DURING THE CORNER (absolutely no one!!!!!). Even when I win the games against Juve, it is clearly seen, that are running faster in the end of the game than my players, they jump higher, they tackle faster and etc!!!!!!!
I am really sick of this situation, me and all my friends who play with me from all over the world observed this situation (few of them are even always playing for Juventus and they also confirmed that it is clear that their team is boosted as they are very fresh and fast all 90 mins). So I want to say to the producers that IT IS NOT FAIR ! I pay so much money for every single game every year to enjoy it, not to worry or be angry with the unfair results of the game where one team IS INTENTIONALLY BOOSTED BECAUSE OF THE FACE OF THE GAME - RONALDO.
DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT IN THE NEXT UPDATES! In the last update just a few days ago EA sports put down the ratings of FC Barcelona players, ok, not a problem, may be there is a reason for that. But JUVE IS STILL RUNNING FASTER, Tackle stronger, jump higher! It is unfair! Some teams in the game are stronger, some are weaker, but it is not fair to make one team HIGHER ABOVE ALL. THERE WAS ONE - YOU KNOW - LEGENDS XX. That was enough !!!!!!!!!!!



  • tstuber
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    Therefore I only play Juve!
  • Brydobhoy
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    Ronaldos team has always been the best team in the game. Madrid were immense before he left.
    However I have played against juventus 5 times online seasons and have won every game with ease.

    Why dot you just not go a 5 star team ?
  • DarkMac
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    Because the gameplay should not force you to choose other theam just because the developers loves ronaldo!!! That`s why we do not want to not choose a 5 start team!
  • Brydobhoy
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    If you are truely better than your opponent the team shouldnt matter.
  • DarkMac
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    If you are truly under 14 years old ... you are right.
  • Brydobhoy
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    You must just be poor at the game or facing opponents who are at your level or better. What division you in ?
  • elcapitan379
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    Dunno what ur winging at. Every fifa the same ppl probably think the same with you being Barcelona!!
  • DarkMac
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    @Brydobhoy : currently I`m in division 1. You are contesting what everyone knows? That every team Ronaldo is in is boosted??? :)
  • Brydobhoy
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    I didnt say Ronaldos team was not boosted ? I know they r , I hate playing against Madrid because the were overpowered.

    But its not to the extent as this op that they are an unbeatable team. I too am in division 1 and ranked 209 and I have only played UV id say 5-8 times and Ive wont every time.
  • shankly1985
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    I play Liverpool only in all FIFA games and have no issues winning games! Even when we had a rubbish team I would still win most of my games against the big teams.
  • tarheels_forever
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    if Juve, Barca, or Real get a corner kick against you good luck trying to defend it. one player will score a header even with three of your defenders draped all over them. it's ridiculous.
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  • oregano
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    Been playing Barca and now PSG - smashing all Juve teams since last update. Ronaldo seems to struggle to get to the ball at all.
  • DarkMac
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    Every shot the the low IQ level guy takes is....goal
  • Thats its totally true, why juventus players they are boosted???? I was in season 1 and ALL my oponents play with Juventus. I cant stop Ronaldo, Costa, Cuadrado Or Dybala, its impossible. Always i play with Bayern Munich, and i cant try to play doing tiki-taka because juventus players they are so faster and always intercept my passes. Its ridiculous, and with this last update all my players they are tired in the 75 minutes, but juventus players they are so fresh and healthy ... WTF with this game...
  • aolsan
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    Juventus is still overpowered, I had a bad stretch of gameplay, fell to division 6, I switched from Man city to Juventus and every shot I take scores, the players are faster and more physical, they tackle faster, Chiellini is a rock, Sceszny has the form of a life time, Ronaldo scores all headers and no one beats Mandzukic's shielding and finally if Matuidi has this kind of shot accuracy in real life he would be world best, I crushed everyone 5 goals plus rage quits in first half before getting to division 3 where better players are, with mancity I averaged 10 shots on target, with Juve I can get around 20 shots in first half
  • Ronaldinho999
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    Same **** last year with madrid, in shooters games theres always an overpowered weapon... every multiplayer has this, there must be always an easy way for noobs to keep playing and have some faith who usually are 75% of the community base, u have to live with it
  • DarkMac
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    @Ronaldinho999 EA is the best... nothing better then this marvelous developers !!!
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