why do you have to redeem you weekend league before it starts?

Mr. Soper
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Really make little sense. Was stuck in a crazy nor' easter yesterday, never had time to redeem my points. didn't even think about it. got home from work today. looking to crank out the weekend and can't play. I hate rivals. So now I wont even bother playing FUT all weekend. Who cares if someone wants to redeem on sunday and play like 5 games. really a poor call by EA


  • GodzillaEatFifa
    266 posts Sunday League Hero
    lol yea this is the second time its happened to me. Sometimes I work overnight in a hotel so I can't redeem points untli friday afternoon. Spoke to customer service and they're like, yep, its stupid hopefully it gets fixed.. awesome
  • GodzillaEatFifa
    266 posts Sunday League Hero
    idk why they took away auto qualification, get elite and u cant even play the next week. Why restrict people from registering at any point in time? what is the purpose?
  • Mr. Soper
    2540 posts Fans' Favourite
    No idea. First WL I've missed, that I have been home for since they first started it. Talk about letting a long time customer down
  • me360
    47 posts Park Captain
    Can't you register on the app now?
  • GodzillaEatFifa
    266 posts Sunday League Hero
    even if you can register on the app, why? if u get gold or elite you should be auto qualified like last year

    what benefit is there to not auto qualifying people? only gonna **** people off
  • nextqprmanager
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    I agree - I plyed SB`s last night & forgot - it should be automatic when you reach 2000 points - nonsense
  • Akinfenwaaaa
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    Smart ploy by EA to get you to spend more time on the game, which in turn will lead to a few more pack sales I'd imagine.
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