The Journey Fifa 17 -> Fifa 18: Old save still there.


I got Fifa 19 couple of weeks ago and i tought that i would play through from Fifa17 to 19 on a new save.
I played through whole Fifa17 and finished it. Installed FIFA18 again and started it up and when i go in to play Journey, where you can choose to import the save from 17 it is an old save. That old save is long gone. I deleted all the old saves in FIFA17 so the new save would be nr1.

I have tried many times re-played the last save in fifa 17 even played the last match in fifa 17 to see if it would help. I have done that before and then it worked. But now it is always on that old save, no changes.

I deleted the whole fifa 18 folder in documents and played the fifa 17 save again, then started fifa 18 a new, but still the old save showing.

No matter what i did it never changed the from the old save to the new one.

I have already talked to EA support and they tried their best but this case needed more time. They thought it could be something with my FUT-rewards, that it locked the old save somehow.

What do you guys think?

I got little tired after been trying for several hour now so i deleted both fifa 17 and 18 folders. Uninstalled them both and now re-installing 17 to play it all over again. But untill im done with fifa 17 again we might have found an answer, hopefully. :)

// zagrus


  • I have a similar problem! I just finished The Journey after playing for hours and after the final cutscene, I get an error saying "An online connection is required to upload your progress from The Journey. Please check your connection and try again." My internet is fine and even after checking everything it still gives me that error.
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