Anyone else struggling with WL this week?

I haven’t played 30 games yet on WL but I’ve hit silver 1 in 14 games gold 3 in 19 games and gold 2 in 22 games but this week I’m currently on 11 games 6 wins.

I don’t know if I’m struggling because of the patch or just not playing well but in most games my stats are better.


  • Paulopudasso
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    Same old ai helping s h i t players and easy say it's not scripted
  • I'm always struggling, I'm **** at the game
  • Furrag85
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    Played 12, won 8. Was 3-0 up last game at half time. Finished 3-3, him scoring a 90th minute equaliser after I couldn't get anywhere near his onslaught of OP attacks.

    Extra time, his team played like it did in the first half. Utterly woeful. Slow. Heavy.

    In ET I hit the post and bar times. Beat the rat on penalties thankfully.
  • Jaybe07
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    My worst weekend league yet. I just can’t dominate games. Everyone feels faster than me :'(
  • BondJame5Collins
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    edited November 2018
    First time playing WL. I don't get why/how people do it!? Never played before because the idea of playing 40 games didn't appeal at all. 30 is still too many but i thought i'd give it a go, the problem is, it's not 30. Played 5 games tonight, 3 went to extra time, with 2 going to pens.

    It's exhausting, and just not enjoyable. Makes me wonder what the point of it all is? I get why Youtubers play, they have to, but for the rest of us who just enjoy building teams and playing, the gamemode isn't ideal. Fifa 19 isn't ideal. All you have is Rivals to get into FUT Champs, and FUT Champs which is just a slog.

  • sheffutd87
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    Worst ever for me. Since the patch it literally seems like whoever wins the rebounds wins the game.

    I’ve been comfortably G1 / elite so far and can barely win 2 in a row since the patch
  • oldboiler
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    edited November 2018
    I’m struggling was 6-2 and now 8-8. Playing out of habit, need to find a way to break it tbh
  • SPN1987
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    I'm glad I forgot to redeem access. I don't even think I qualified regardless, due to barely playing the game this week.
  • From 8-4 to 8-12
    This game is **** ****
  • hvid_Vand11
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    i just finished this weekend with gold 3 phew on the last game even.
  • AjaxLegends
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    Ended 7-6 tonight. Patch definitely made me worse. Although I almost always end up Gold 3/2 (if there aren’t more than a couple of disconnects) and will be the same this weekend I think.
  • JURITO1000
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    im 1-6 omg never happened ....i was 3-0 in half time and lost 3-4 ....i will not play this stupid game anymore,i broke 1 controller because of it,so i decided to stop play until i will not see here that new patch came up and people are happy with it
  • Wikypedia
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    I lost 5 games in my first 10 games. 2 of them I would say deserved. The other 3 games, I totally dominated, I hit posts, I took 2 goals lead, then my defenders or keepers did funny things, they scored, somehow scored another goal around 88 min mark, and somehow scored a winner in injury time. I’m now 13 in 18 though, so my luck (scripting) is turning better
  • Kouli06
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    This WL is utter **** dog ****!
    I mean complete utter **** crap!
    Haven’t even won a game yet.
    Usually won 2 or 3 by now!
  • Pocketsquareguy
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    I started off 3-5. I was 13-5 last week. I’ve managed to bring it back to 10-6, but it has been rough.
  • joeboy88
    242 posts Sunday League Hero
    My worse wl so far but normally f*** up anyway so not too bothered
  • Well I’m glad its not just me lol I’ve finished up on 14 games 8 wins for today. I agree with a lot of you that its become a lot harder to dominate games and score when ontop.
    I'm always struggling, I'm **** at the game

    Atleast your honest lol
  • anaughtysausage
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    Gameplay has been awful tonight
  • WarrenBarton
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    Yeah I’m having my worst weekend yet.
  • CharlieC
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    Not doing it. Did my head in last week. Feel much calmer now with a lot of free time on my hands plus div rivals is easier because everyone is playing WL 😂
  • GeorgeGervin
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    I’ve only played 7 and lost 4 on pens haha ... worst.
  • SinkXI
    797 posts Semi-Pro
    I’ve won 3 in 13. And EA wants to match me up with mbappe, Ronaldo, messi, kante in literally every team. It’s absolutely pathetic. Just had to quit a game against a full icon team because I couldn’t do a thing. Couldn’t pass, players falling over their own feet. F**k this game. As if that team needs a helping hand against me
  • Post/Crossbar at least 3 times a game
    AI giving away pens
    Tackles that do nothing but give them an advantage

    Just me?
  • Tackles that are timed well but somehow put another one of the opposition into a better position to play a pass or score?

    Personally that’s one of my favourites Lol
  • Neckabob
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    Yeah me too. Worst WL for me. 12-8... normally gold 1. Gonna stop at 14
  • eddopoolfc
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    played 11 games, won 3.

    only 2 of those games weren't a lag/delay fest. won one of them, lost the other (opponent far too good).

    so far the servers have been disgusting this weekend league.
  • HektorOvTroy
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    At present.
    Not having a good day.
  • Brovarrinho
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    edited November 2018
    While I played division rivals yesterday after patch I thought that there is a problem only with that mode because it always was strange. I played few games in fut champions and same or worse **** is still happening. Before patch game was enjoyable at least sometimes but now it is piece of irritating garbage ? Fu** this. I **** on your game ea try to play this. Lagfestifal is on. Worst spent money ever, we should all boycott this robbery.
  • Best start ever. Was 13-0, now 14-2. Usually finish gold 2/1.
  • Best start ever. Was 13-0, now 14-2. Usually finish gold 2/1.

    Nice atleast someone is doing well. I’m
    Going to put it down to poor play from me and see how tomorrow goes. Still the tackles from Manuel defending is killing me when they keep getting the ball back.
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