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How would you finish this team?

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So yesterday I got red El Shaarawy who links up with red Belotti I got last week (and was surprisingly good for me so far) and finally finished Miki SBC, so I decided to rebuild my team a bit. Since the gameplay in FIFA isn't enjoyable anyway I decided to make a team that at least looks nice on paper :) So far it looks like this and plays fine (let's be honest, gonna hit gold 2 as every other week no matter what), just can't decide who should I put on RCM (has to be a Premier League midfielder). Probably a go-to will be Kante, but so far I only got like 30k, so maybe Fabinho?

Also any ideas on future upgrades of that right side? Was thinking Pogba RCDM+SIF Lala, Varane and Courtois.



  • Navraat
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    Too defensive, I'd put Aguero or Pogba
  • TheRaq
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    Navraat wrote: »
    Too defensive, I'd put Aguero or Pogba

    Too defensive? There's already two strikers in POTM Auba and IF Belotti. I usually switch to 41212 at the beggining with those 2 as strikers, Miki CAM, POTM Lucas and IF Shaarawy RCM and LCM and Dembele (forgot to say - at the moment I use Dembele there) as CDM. I'd rather say It could be too offensive :D definately need a good CDM there, not sure about the Pogba with H/M (otherwise would be an easy choice and probably gonna get him anyway as a supersub).
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    Wow what a terrible looking team
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