Completed a part of Icon Set 3 SBC!

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I completed a part of Icon Set 3 SBC (World Class)! Now it's gone! I wasn't aware of the issue until I checked the forums. What's going to happen now? Will we get compensated? It's not fair to have us do it again, it cost me almost 50K!


  • Hagooey
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    It’s not all bad, I got 82 casillas in my pack! I’d done that and the bronze and silver one and then was getting ready to sell some players to buy an icon for the last one but luckily it got took down before I’d bought an overpriced icon that I couldn’t use!
    It’ll be annoying if they can’t remember who has completed what when it goes back up though.
  • Big_Sam_1878
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    Cost me 705k it’s a joke mate
  • Murphdogz
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    I done 3 of them.
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