Untradable rewards

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Anyone had better luck picking the untradable rewards over the tradable ones in Div Rivals.

Last 2 weeks I've picked untradable and got some lovely pulls, Van Dijk, Fernandinho, Son, Manolas, Ter Stegen, Isco, UCL Sanches, UCL fahrman and 3 discard informs.

I know it's all luck but if def seems luckier in those untradable ones


  • Pazman83
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    Coz you get more chances with double the packs that’s why, doubles your luck
  • Xx1337erxX
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    got pogba 3 weeks ago from a mega pack
    in addition, ederson, azplicutta and navas
  • McLaughlan_26
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    Took the untradeables, got UCL Live Alexis Sanchez, best pull I've had all year only problem is I won't use him
  • ICUP
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    Fernandinho and Valencia over the two weeks.

    The previous club I deleted I had Modric, Sane,Mane & IF Marquinos
  • Empyrium7
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    last two weeks picked untradeables and best player I got was Sommer rated 82
  • Pocketsquareguy
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    I took the untradebales from rivals for the first time and they were shocking. Best player Diego costa. Should have known to take the coin. Won’t be doing it again. Weekend league rewards were good to me though.
  • YB_11_
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    3 weeks ago I've packed Nakata untradable. This last 3 weeks packed nothing to mention.
  • GreezyWeezyLDN
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    Untradeable rewards last 2 week's


    Untradeable packs are juiced
  • Donovan86
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    From rivals rewards in last 2 weeks

  • Kingkay
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    edited November 2018
    I got the 4 unreadable mega packs and got chilienni, 81 Kums inform, ucl fahrman, dzeko and dost so I believe the pack weights are better for untradeable good packs for sbc building
  • nitraw
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    ive taken untradeables all but 1 week so far

    got mkhitaryan, otamendi, allison, 2 discard ifs, IF martial, fernandinho (today), casemiro and neymar.

    hell just pulling neymar is worth it so far.
  • Waldog94
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    1st time taking untradeables today need to restock club after alonso and savic two discard informs kompany amd 4-5 84s not bad
  • Dansloman
    19 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Pulled live ucl sterling today so happy with that.
  • Murphdogz
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    I opened so many packs this year.hundreds while scream promo was on.hundreds while this promo is on.can not pack a special card atal.apart from crap totw players.2 rare player upgrades.opened about 200.not 1 walk out either.last year upgrade packs was insane
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