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Elite rewards need improving

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Grinding elite is consistently not worth it. I can't and aren't complaining about my overall "pack luck" . I got Pogba from pre order packs and Salah tradable from rivals last week after a month of bad packs . This week went untradable and got a discard if and ucl Davidson Sanchez which was cool.

But I'm talking about the return you get from Elite in WL. I did get Ucl Farhmann in the 100k pack which is 30 k more than I normally get but shocking red picks again in Gignac, Plea and Rondon and another totw pack with 3 basically discard players. Grinding elite literally ain't worth your time, I do it for the rivals points, so I can play a handful of games and still get rank 3 in div 2. Had Better red picks last week from gold 1.

It's the totw packs that are shocking and need to be improved. 4/5 I've opened so far this year and I've had all basically discard players and a sif Suso that sold around 60-70k. This pack is supposed to be a reward for getting elite but because of totw's stacked with low rated played and no 81 min getting something decent from them is extremely unlikely. I don't think you should get something "good" every week just because you got elite but when elite rewards are consistently bad every time I do think they need improving. I mean I've seen top 100 players open ultimate totw packs and get full on discards and maybe one 84 :joy:


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    My wl rewards (not the picks) have been gawful (God awful) every week so far, regardless of whether I fin elite or gold 3.

    Icardi from this week or Valencia the previous have been my best pulls to date :lol:

    Last year at this point I'd multiple good informs from elite like Jesus, Son and Tolisso

    I've had 1 81 inform and 5 below 81 in 2x inform packs thus far
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