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Anyone used/using 541?

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Looking to try something new, and thinking about using 541 with attacking CM’s / fullbacks and custom tactics.

I know 5 atb gets a bad rep, but looks like it could be very attacking if you set it up for it.

Anyone used it?


  • dengah109
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    I have used this formation on a few occasions straight after scoring to try and help me concede less kick off goals by getting more bodies in the centre to assist with this. Sometimes I'd forget to switch it back and it would get left on and to be fair I found it quite a good formation but ultimately isnt how I like to play the game.
  • PeopleReady
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    its funny how folks will witchhunt 5atb formations while simultaneously spamming throughballs on 41212-2 during high pressure all game.
  • Barslund
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    Been using 451(2) atm. with CR7 and to me the change would be to get the CCM down as a CB - really stay back - and then involve the fullbacks even more.

    Ideally it would become more attacking than 451(2).
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