Easy ernings on UCL card ? yes or not?

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UCL cards hardly drop in last 3 days reason not only general crash but mainly 2 UCL players SBC - This sbc finish today at 7 PM so prize of GOOD UCL players cards start today later slowly growing - And tomorrow in thursday after players got prizes from Rivals and weekend league they prize will be probably at lest 20% higher then today.

Of course im talking only abaout good Blue cards like Sane - Koulibaly and rest 87 - 88 and more rating


  • Managed to pick up a UCL Sterling last night for 30k less than his average BIN - the weird thing was, he’d been on the market 30 seconds before I bought him, surprised the snipers weren’t quicker cause I got him that cheap by fluke!

    I searched for max BIN 250k, there were only two of them on the market.. one 250k one 220k.
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