How im can know player have finese shot trial or not ?

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Hi so let say im looking for good st or cam with good finese shoting trial so how im can know some player have finese shot trial or not?

Example if im checking futbin and compared prices and statistic .
About statistic what kind of statistic are most importand to good finese shots for example CAM

Its - Long shot ? - Finishing , Shot power and curve ? all this statistic need be high or boosted by chemistry for recived player with good finishing trial? + If this is possible at lest 4 star week foot ?


  • Stkyfngz
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    It's under trait.

    Honestly i don't know which stats affect it but anyone in the 80s with finishing works. Curve seems to really only affect Free kicks.

    Weak foot to me just reduces your base stat when you use that foot. Generally 4* means you can use both feet and not feel much of a difference.
  • fazer
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    under trait ? Im still dont understand let say im play in past regular mertens card and in form Immobile .

    Mertens have statistic shoting general 83 ( Finishing 86 - shot power 80 - long shot 81 )

    Immobile INF shoting general 88 ( finishing 91, shot power 86 , long shot 80 )

    And compared this players in case finese shots specialy from outside box - Mertens was a lot better - Immobile not in same level even if he have in general better shoting stattistic he was very good in regular finish in the box but not in finese shot from distance.

    + im boosted them chemistry in corect way . but still Mertens was a lot better in case long finese shots compared to immobile even if immobile have better shoting statistic in general.
  • thedustman
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    Try fut head or futwiz, it has the traits and you can search by them
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