Do you play players on 8 chem?

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Is it a problem to have 3 players on 8?
I Always had all of them on 10, but now I want to make a hybrid where 3 have 8 chem...
Big deal?


  • Pocketsquareguy
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    No. I have red IF sandro and potm lucas on 8 chem and potm hazard on 7. All perform fine. If they’re a marginal player I wouldn’t do it. Like just some random 82 gold. But as far as really strong cards go, it’s fine.
  • FinallySKY
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    I’ve played with 6 chem in past fifas as the bare minimum for me

    7 is already fine enough imo
  • johnlaker62
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    I’m not sure how it works, but doesn’t 9 chem take away from shot first? If that is the case, any defender would be completely fine on 9 chem
  • Rendevous_star
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    Trust me it makes no difference. Play a striker on 3 Chem or something low and see if he scores. It’s like a 10 chem striker still misses one on ones....shoots wide etc. Chemistry is all a myth
  • Ecr8on
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    Chemistry and fitness cards are my least favorite things about this game. The name of the mode is ultimate team but not your ultimate team, ultimate team that fits within chemistry limitations. Leagues and nations shouldn’t matter. I should be able to pick my 11 and go
  • mdizzl3
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  • Idek
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    7 chem is fine
  • jonkero
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    I simply can't. Old habit.... Need full Chem :o
  • Gainzy
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    Had red vvd on 8 chem for ages, can’t say I’ve noticed any difference
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