The best RB for serie A ? Any suggestion? Cancelo of Florenzi ?

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Hi who is better choice for RB in Serie A ? Let say first im have in team Blue card CB Koulibaly and he have Attack High - Defensive - High - so even with set up stay back he sometimes take part attack - So now in Serie A only choice for good RB is - Florenzi or Cancelo ( they both have Attack high - Defensive medium ) so hmm im worried half of my defensive will be run to attack and make hole in back....


Cancelo otw -ão Cancelo/ cost now 184 only 15 k more then his Inform card - what do you think some chances he got at lest 1 upgrade in near future?

He have Medium Defense / High Attack im looking for Rb who will be not part in attack when im set up him stay back .....

Or example Florenzi UCL Live card he have bad physical and a little low defensive but bigger chance to his card will be upgrade soon? And his card have more statistic for CM not just RB who need stay in back without take part in attack.... So Florenzi is good card but not neccesary like a RB ? same High attack - medium defensive...

Last category - based of prize and possible investing rise coins - then Florenzi UCL card will probably rise ?

So any verdict who is the best RB in Serie A who is worth chose and use?


  • johnlaker62
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    I’d go with florenzi, as it is more likely for florenzi to get upgrades over Cancelo. If they are both the same price it’s a no brained. However, I’d wait for their prices to drop to around 150k before purchasing
  • SavelPT
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    I have both when I have Cr7 and I prefer Florenzi.
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