Struggle to use a CAM

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Anyone else struggle to use a CAM?

I'm running Griezmann there, basic chem, on stay forward and free roam. His turn of pace is superb. I'm not truly a skiller, and a very average dribbler, so perhaps am not utilising him.



My WL record, had 3 first half rage quits; Played: 27

Suarez: 25 goals, 7 assists
Bale 15 goals, 8 assists
Griez: 3 goals, 12 assists
Koke: 7 goals, 9 assists
Matuidi; 4 goals, 8 assists
Ramos: 5 goals
OTW Anderson (sub): 4 goals, 6 assists

Scored less than Matuidi and Ramos FFS. He chips in with assists as he is a superb ball carrier, and can beat a guy which created space for the others, but he was dead disappointing. Other than Messi, I don't know what the answer is.


  • czcash
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  • Griezmann truly excels as a CAM for me, which makes this post odd. He's ALWAYS making the runs that I want, and his left footed near post finesse is money in the bank. One setting you might want to tweak is "Players in the Box" in your custom tactics. If it's too low, he may not make as many runs.

    Also try turning off free roam and see if that helps. When he is on free roam for me, his H/H work rates puts him in the backfield a lot, so he's not around if you get a quick attack on.

    Goals/assists aside, how many shots is he giving you? Maybe you don't have him shot timing down? Check his heat map after a game, and see if he's in/near the box a lot, or sitting mid more. For me though, he's my favorite player in this game, because he's always doing what I want him to do, which is get into good positions.
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    Cheers for the replies. Really appreciate them.

    I do need to stop sprinting, as I am guilty of that. I'm more a pass, move, and don't utilise first touch either very well compared to my opponents. Whenever Griez plays against me, he destroys me.

    Maybe I need to start using timed finishing, although that is going to be nerfed with the upcoming patch. The shots I tend to be tend to be finesse from the edge of the box. Suarez and Bale nail them, but Griez lets me down online, but offline, he scores them.

    Heat map is a great shout. Can't believe I never thought of that!
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    Nerfed?°¿!? I have open goal 6 yard green time finishes fly 20 feet over the crossbar
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