Fix GK!

Im pissed because EA does little to no effort to fix the gk in the game. Im a 91 GK getting kicked from plenty of clubs when its not my fault. All my gk stats are 90+ yet when i try to rush the opponent, my player jumps to punch the ball when the ball is on the floor. I also hate how the captain can control you and force you to rush. I get the game just came out, but you guys have fixed other pro club issues, why can’t you fix this one??


  • I haven't been a keeper since 15, but I pity anyone trying to play the position this year, I have so many clips of gk mistakes that were easily avoided
  • Nuclear i agreed with you. i have same problems.. that i never faced before old fifa 15-16-17
  • Riggs006
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    Exactly the same thing has happened to me before, lost a game due to conceding 2 late goals an easy finesse my player jumps up in the air instead of to the side and the other like you say I go to close the player down to tighten the angle and then my player tries to superman punch the ball, it's madness!
  • Manual settings makes the keeper rocket the ball to a short pass that should have been a simple roll out even when tapping.
  • Also the aiming for a Manual setting is still subjective to the game deciding whom its going to... not sure that should happen for someone on Manual settings.
  • CineDiver
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    PLEASE allow the keeper the ablabilityility to call for the ball when inside the 18. I don't mind it not working within the 6.
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