People quitting online

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Can someone please explain to me why this utter b.s. is allowed on the FUT Champions and other online matches?

OVER HALF of the games I play, people with either score a goal, and quite immediately after, or I will score a goal on them , and they will quit immediately after. Tell me why is there nothing in place to prevent people from doing this crap?

I honestly can see why they do it , if EA refuses to put in place a system to discourage this behavior. Because hey, if I can score one goal, quit, and it counts as a win, who cares if I don't get the 700$ gold after. Instead I can just get more wins on my account to get more reward for the week, so the 700$ gold doesn't mean a thing.

I understand 'Oh we dont want to punish people for having bad internet', but can we please be honest, what % of games does the internet just magically drop off when a goal is scored. I've had only ONE game where I think my opponent accidentally got disconnected. The rest have been obviously intentional. This is so frustrating. I just want to play the damn game and have it be a full, fair match. Why can't EA try to discourage people from using the system for an unfair advantage?

Instead of not giving people the 700$ gold for leaving a match (oooo who cares , if I can get 80k gold for leaving all my matches when Im ahead) , why not subtract gold from them. I mean, if you have spotty internet , fine you lose a game or two where you lose some gold. But if people are using the system for an unfair advantage, they would be the ones who really get punished for this. Something needs to be done here. It's ridiculous when half of the games I play people quit because they are either behind or ahead.
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