Career Mode (Liga MX)

I have a question regarding career mode cups. Does anyone know why the Copa Libertadores (Copa LatAm in FIFA) doesn't show up on career mode when using a Liga MX team?

I have won the league 3 seasons in a row (1.5 years) and nothing shows up regarding that cup.

My concern is that it shows up as one of my CRUCIAL objectives to reach the final within 2 years but how can I reach it if it doesn't even show up on my career mode?


  • Ace1234ny
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    A bug perhaps? There's a similar thing with the Asian tournament where the proper teams don't qualify.
  • Why dont they give liga mx any importance i would love to play there more but it gets boring. Do they not have the licences for it? Really i wish it was more authentic have some more stadiums why do we not get any respect from fifa?
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