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Players keep swapping in positions unwillingly

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How can you prevent this? Martial running at CDM, pogba at LCAM, allan as striker ..

I try swapping them, but when I want to change plans it all changes again


  • JuliantbX
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    Anyone? I can't change any gameplan because they all move
  • JV24601
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    I can only think of the basics to check, such as in the instructions and checking that they’re not on free roam?
  • iRusty_yo
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    edited November 2018
    Did you make any subs and then the cards swapped places? I found making subs sometimes makes this error occur.

  • Acker
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    Would you mind sending me a PM with any times this happened with your PSN I can get this passed on

    More details the better
  • padr81
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    This happens to me when I make a tactical adjustment and a sub using the menu in game. It can be fine if I just make a sub and mostly happens if I jump into instruction and change something in tactics or player instructions. All of a sudden i have Casemiro up front.
  • Tymsy83
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    Never had this till last night. My cdm and striker switched and I couldn’t fix it
  • JuliantbX
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    yeah definitely when I change from my first plan. My first one is realy offensive so I want to swap them quite often, but it's just absolutely impossible.
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