Lol this game is an absolute ❤️❤️❤️❤️ take

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After getting sick of the game I sold up today and then proceeded to blow about 1.3 in packs and got nothing but Aubamayang. The final straw was my team playing like absolute Spazes and getting destroyed by a full icon team Rage FC. My players couldn't get near him.
After calming down slightly from my own rage I put together a crap team with loan Aubamayang potm and loan Reus Potm as main players it's only about 85 chem and low and behold I'm unbeaten and the team with same custom tactics is playing unbelievable, no sluggishness, responsive players constantly making runs off the ball etc. I'm enjoying it until Rage FC appears on the loading screen. I'm expecting to get rinsed thinking maybe I've just played crap players in my WL recovery! The way he outplayed be last time with my team much stronger than I didn't stand a chance. However I beat him 6-4 and absolutely outplayed him off the park like I have been doing to everyone with this no icon mid tier team. How anyone can deny the obvious unspeakable is beyond me, I'm currently benefiting greatly from it. Absolute joke of a game.
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