Weekend league aka " Tank league " How peoples can play when big delay basicly killed this game ?

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Every week is same - Weekend leage = Huge delay - 0 enterteiment almost impossible to play .

So how this is even possible EA dont wonna fixed this problem if same happen every week ?
EA add new great cards , nice sbc or other nice promotions But all this dosent metter if they dont wonna fixed their bad servers - How players can take fun from game if they cant play without lag during weekend in weekend league ?

Why peoples spend money in packs if company EA dont wonna spend some small % of ernings to invest in some good enough servers to finnaly resolved this problem with weekend delay ?

This is so ridicolus -peoples regular buy Fifa points - company takes profit and in same time still not invest to improved their servers. - Results = Every weekend league - is broken beacouse of massive delay and regular discconections.

So this is weekend league or Tank league - all players reactions slow.


  • senaffc
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    The gameplay is to stucked it mades me punch things. I'm 9-2 ATM and didn't enjoy any of those victories because of the crappy gameplay
  • maksi
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    You're not supposed to enjoy, they want you to open packs by buying fifa points not by earning them by playing.
  • Prits1992
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    EA advisors say it’s cos of our network... bunch of **** **** mother ****.
  • fazer
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    Ok but still even if players spend a lot of money to open huge numbers packs and in the end players got great players and build great teams - Just for take adventage in weekend league - But in the end Weekend league is broken beacouse of every week delay .

    So what is the point of spend time in fifa and open packs build great team if you basicly cant play in weekend league without big delay - ? And if delay is to big then even if you are good player with good team then bad players with poor / medium team have better chance to win if gameplay is so slow and full of lags compared to normal gameplay without lags.
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