First time ever recording a goal...

Had to share it cause at 2:30am don't wanna text my mates. POTM Auba is unreal and this summed up my best start to weekend league ever at 11-0.


  • GreezyWeezyLDN
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    It looked good and I'm sure it felt good to score it. BUT I can't see past the defenders, 1 ran away and the other 2 froze. Number 3 shirt literally ran on the spot! Why? Game is ******

    Also, I would expect the "best" keeper on the game to save that quite easily. Didn't even extend his arm.

    Good for you though mate, keep up the wins
  • Guy was spamming the through ball button facing his own goal so of course the pass out was rotten. I love gotze into space in the hope he's spamming buttons.
    He was also ultra attacking hence one unnning away.

    Don't have an answer for the GK but bad keepers are nothing new.
  • Johno7256
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    Just a normal goal i concede regular except the do it from outside the box
  • MHoney1234
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    Nice goal, but that defending :joy:

    I used NIF Auba for a while, tried his loan and really didn’t feel a difference between the two. Nice card design though.
  • Claret_n_blue_blood
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    Easy to do those flicks, nice goal tho
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