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I'm pretty useless at starting lists since my discussions usually get ignored but I'll keep this one quite brief.

What are people's favourite CPU cheats in FIFA19?

Mine are:

a) physics - where the computer manipulates the ball physics to suit the preferred simulation e.g. rebounds that defy the laws of physics to assist the attacking team;

b) biology - where the computer ignores physical/biological attributes of players to suit the preferred simulation e.g. slower players outrun faster players and taller players lose headers to smaller players;

c) ref - where the ref is blatantly biased again based on the preferred simulation e.g. ref does not give blatant free kicks (both ways) - sometimes I cannot even foul the CPU if I want to;

d) Jedi like powers - where the CPU can appear from anywhere to intercept the ball or where a small little man on the pitch suddenly becomes the size of a house when you try and pass around them;

e) The take over - where all else fails the game just refuses to do what you ask it.

Now a) to e) have been present in nearly every football I've ever played and actually I find the CPU better in FIFA19. However, there's a new cheat in FIFA19 which I've not seen.

It's part of e) where the computer prevents my player from going to the ball from clearances. Has anyone noticed this? The ball will be cleared from a corner and you are prevented from switching to your DM even though he's standing under the ball. The reason they've done this is to give the CPU a chance to break or otherwise the human could just anticipate everything.

In fact, all of these cheats are designed to make up for the fact that it must be almost impossible to program a competitive CPU when the human player is so unpredictable and has a broadcasting view of the entire pitch. However, what I find most annoying is not the cheat but the manner of the cheat.

Take the situation where EA need to come up with a way to give the CPU a chance to break from a corner where the human has a DM and can anticipate any move. Well rather than freezing the DM so it's obvious that there's some underlying cheat why don't EA simply program the game so that the DM is out of position? It would result in the exact same outcome but it wouldn't be as obvious a cheat.

And I do wonder if we are ever going to get to a truly great game when developers "go to" position is to use cheats rather than try and overcome challenges in cleverer or more nuanced ways.

One solution might be to have "ghost games" like the "ghost laps" in racing games. We should be able to download someone else game and play against that. Save the developers having to program a CPU.


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    B ) f**king hell
  • Wow. Very interesting.
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    Discovered a new cheat!

    Obviously I don’t get to decide how I want to set up my corners so it’s left to the good people of EA to decide where my players stand.

    Most of the time Kessie or Bakayoko cover the 6 yard space at the front post which is great because they’re big and tall. And as a result I concede very few corners. In fact I hadn’t lost a game or even drawn in my first 15 league matches. Then I played Lazio and randomly I had Calabria covering that space.

    So I press L1 to try and find a bigger player and L1 jumps between Abate and Calabria. Basically EA is saying them’s your choices.

    And guess what?

    I concede a near post corner....

    I mean it’s not even subtle.

    Lost my first game in 15 3:2 with some comical rebounds and delays. Sort of takes the shine off the 15. I suppose the CPU wasn’t trying in those.
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    I don’t think football games are going to reach the next level while developers are so willing to use blatant cheats.

    I mean there’s just no shame. The latest one where the game is manipulating a corner routine so obviously just shows a total lack of shame from the developers.

    Because of the safety blanket of cheats the developers are not challenged. The CPU does stupid things at the back because the developers will just program a deflection or rebound in the CPU’s favour if they lose the ball.

    Slowing down an attacker is just a rubber band to address the failure to properly space between the GKs and the CBS and to properly program a weaker foot so that a defender can push the faster attacker into their weaker foot.

    I don’t mind cheats as a last resort. But they shouldn’t be the “go to” option and they shouldn’t be so obvious. The obviousness totally destroys the illusion that you’re in control. And that’s the worst part.
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    Apparently nobody has anyihing to add to this thread. That’s good. I’m glad nobody is experiencing any cheats. Good for you.

    The game has gone bonkers on me. I was cruising along winning every game, not conceding goals and suddenly - bam - each game is turning into a goal fest with some real novelty cheating by the CPU.

    Switching players is being particularly manipulated with the player standing underneath a high ball or next to the attacker with the ball refusing to switch on.

    Against Juve a ball was played down the inside of my FB and he physically stopped while I was still pressing sprint. This gave the attacker an advantage which he scored from. It was a well taken goal with a chip over the keeper but that is a disgrace.
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    The game has gone mental on me. I went 15 games without drawing or losing and started to wonder if the game was ever going to be a challenge. Then suddenly it all goes to pot.

    Every game is mental. The CPU is scoring from nowhere and deflections and rebounds are off the scale.

    I just played SPAL with my Milan team and they went up the pitch just walking into my players with the ball bouncing back each time. It was 4 or 5 rebounds in a row and they eventually knocked the ball into the box, switched off my defender at the near post and scored one of their stupid near post headers.

    Then the same again. This time they won a corner and scored a last minute header to win 2:1 and I also hit the post twice.
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    So this thread never took off.....

    Anyway one cheat that keeps re-occuring is my players are prevented from going for headers and instead choose to volley the ball.....

    Anyone else have that?

    I never really understand why, in 2019, with a controller with about 12 buttons we cannot decide whether we want to do a head or a volley.

    I mean it's pretty significant whether a player goes for a header or a volley. They're two very different things. A bit like a shot or a pass.

    Why stop there?

    How about EA just plays the game for us. It can be like a really rubbish version of Football Manager.
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