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Do you guys usually use open bids or sniping for good deals? Somehow managed to win this and wondering if it was a complete fluke or do people normally get luck like this?



  • opasni_
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    Nice one!

    I rarely use this because lack of time but did manage to get CL Manolas 8k below price with open bid.
  • TheArchitect
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    Had a bit luck with Davinson Sanchez today around 6k below what eryone else was bidding at the time. I think the guy stopped bidding after one bid.
  • sheffutd87
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    During big promos where loads of packs are being opened and people are occupied else where deals on bid are daily common.

    Most of the time they’re less common though as people have their own little trading routines
  • SpazzyMagee92
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    Yeah I usually only mass bid an hour or so after rewards and get loads of 83/84s at min bid but this one was an eye opener! Think I'll start trying my luck a bit more randomly now.
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