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Hi when EA realsed new league SBC then most silver cards go up with prizes and im noticed when prize some silver cards are to high close to max and in market left very small number of some specyfic position card then EA suddenly relased huge number of same card with small prize - yes?

Im noticed something like this today with few Seria A silver cards where prize some specyfic silver cards was close to 9000 coins and in market was small numbers of cards and suddenly -- Im noticed 10 page of same card with low prize and orginal prize of corse droped hard. - This is regular practice from EA ? they add from time to time additional cards ? when in market left small number of importand card needed to finish sbc and they prize are close to maximum then they add a lot same cards with cheap prize?


  • GeorgeGervin
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    I would say so yes. A manipulation of the odds of a certain card being in packs.
  • MuzzaLUFC
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    If this is the case why do I constantly read people moaning about certain cards remaining extinct so they’re thus unable to complete a league SBC?
  • GeorgeGervin
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    Demand is greater than the increased supply. You notice the moaning does stop eventually. One catches up with the other.
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