90 min goals

Any tym7
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edited November 2018
It happening every game to me atm

I don’t concede kick off goals much anymore but i cant stop the 90 min goal no matter what i do

*If i waste time it still happens
*If i put 5221 and all out defence it still happens and my defenders dont stay back they always allow attacker a free run to goal
* if i keep my original formation it still happens

Im really over it


  • Sercs
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    You just lose your bottle, try playing your own game like you do for the rest of it
  • Any tym7
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    its so rigged everytime 90 mins comes i concede
    8 out of 10 games it happens its ridiculous and my defence stop making tackles and open up and let attackers have a free run to goal

    i can defend for 88 mins 45-90min i cant defend apparently
  • Ghotti
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    start playing on time from 88 min.
  • heefmondo
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    How do you deal with kick off goals.
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