3412 tactics

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Any1 har success with 3412? Any tips om CTs?
Also, do people have bette3 experience with cm/cdm set to cover middle og wing?


  • czcash
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  • Chavez76
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    playing 352 but I reckon tacs more or less are the same.
    most important thing I use is fow my LM / RM: come back one def (creating a 5 man def if needed) and get in behind on offence. Downside: your wingers are out of stamina at 70th minute.
    For the rest, I have 2 cdm's set to cover centre since LM / RM will cover the sides.
  • greif44
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    Here`s my team. Gold 2 in WL. D4 in rivals, bouncing between 1800-1900, not really great and probably could be better with more common formation, but I just like 3 atb.
    I`d suggest to use at least one fullback at RM/LM, come back on both wingers. CMs - cover centre.
    Not sure if get in behind is best strategy for wingers - I have faced lot of people that just park the bus and this becomes useless; at the same time it gets pretty easy to counter you. So I just keep that on balanced
    I`d also recommend to create 3 different plans - one balanced, one with fast buildup and using your wingers to counter your opponent and one plan - PTB.

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